Practice Development

Practice development is an investment in your practice, your clients and your profession. It allows medical practitioners to remain on the cutting edge of technology and take advantage of a full suite of the latest healthy living techniques and nutritional therapies to aid in patient assessment, development, treatment and recovery. As an Health Educator at Design for Health (DHF)she uses these tools and resources for practice development.

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic Testing is a key assessment tool developed in collaboration with Genova Diagnostics. In keeping with her approach to health and wellness, It is a trend setting, non- invasive procedure that does not require any blood to be drawn. It allows medical practitioners to to evaluate patients metabolic and nutritional health and recommend and implement patient specific nutritional supplements.

Patient Workshops

Patient Workshops, allow patients an easy, convenient and affordable way to access first hand, premium health care, including a detoxification workshop and a weight loss workshop as well their Nutritional Placement Program and 24/7 access to the DFHealth-e-store.

All these tools combine to form a scientific and proven approach to significantly enhance the patient’s health and wellness and also build a successful practice for medical practitioners.


Research and Education

Nicole Willis provides for all her clients her guidance and expertise. She provides access to all the latest information, products, research, and events all in one convenient location at DFH . A calendar of events will keep you up to date with all the latest events, discussions, webinars and conferences, so you can schedule and register in advance.


Conferences and seminar by industry leaders and innovators in science and healthy living. You can see and hear firsthand and have access to information and research from all around the world.

Nutrient Round Table

Nutrient round table features members of DFH science team of experts in monthly forums and panel discussions. The sessions are informative and fully interactive, providing patients and medical professionals access to information and experts.

Clinical Rounds

Clinical rounds, keep patients up to date in weekly discussions on the latest clinically relevant developments and trends with the best nutritional and health experts that are in the field.

Educational Webinars

Educational webinars offer convenient access to an archive of techniques and product knowledge and research. You can view upcoming dates for sessions, join live sessions or access previously recorded webinars at your convenience.


Professional Products

A health Educator is only as good as the products and services she recommends and utilizes. Nicole works with a comprehensive list of products that can enhance and promote optimal health. The products are a result collaborations with scientists and other innovators

in the health field as well as leading nutrition experts to provide nutritional therapies and supplements through qualified licensed medical professionals that are authorized to utilize and dispense these products.

DFH has been offering safe and trusted nutritional therapies for over twenty years. Research is constant and ongoing to improve existing formulas and products as well as to offer new supplements and therapies as they become available. Nicole Willis relies on the synergy between nutritionists, scientists and the medical practitioners who access her services and the patients who use the products. Science is always at the forefront of the development and manufacturing process.

The synergy between DHF’s Science first approach and top Health Educator Nicole Willis ensures, quality results every time and solutions to an extensive array of nutritional and health concerns that can improve patient’s health and grow medical practices.